Meeting of the Minds Sponsor

A charity since 1991, Evergreen believes that today’s critical environmental challenges will be solved by bringing diverse groups of people together, inspiring them with ideas and engaging them to take action.

And with half the world’s 7 billion people now living in urban centres, we believe it will be in the world’s cities that these challenges must be met. With its CityWorks initiative, Evergreen is tackling these critical challenges head on. That means exploring new ways to build urban infrastructure—from rooftop gardens and solar panels to smart grids and clean, efficient transit networks.

At Evergreen Brick Works, our home in the heart of Toronto’s Don Valley, Evergreen offers a dynamic public space where leading innovators and entrepreneurs from around the world can present new innovations and sustainable technologies. Transformed from an industrial brownfield into a global showcase for green design, the site is a blueprint for building a sustainable city; offering inspiration for other cities in an increasingly urban world.

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