Ann Arbor

Mobility Summit

Thursday, June 14, 2018
8:30am-5:30pm followed by reception from 5:30-8pm

Meeting of the Minds, in partnership with Ann Arbor SPARK and Ann Arbor-Ypsilanti SmartZone, is convening a unique one-day thought leadership summit in Ann Arbor focused on mobility and smart cities. This summit complements Ann Arbor’s TechTrek on June 15th, which spotlights over 70 local tech start-ups and established companies.


Ann Arbor, Michigan

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Meeting of the Minds will convene 110 global thought leaders in downtown Ann Arbor on June 14, 2018 to share best practices, lessons learned and key insights that are accelerating the transition to Smart Cities.

Morning plenaries will feature speakers whose work is pushing the edge of urban solutions, specifically focused on new mobility and the technology and policy innovations that are enabling these solutions. Sessions will take a deep dive into key tools to implement sustainable and smart mobility including technology, policy, and financing. Morning plenaries will be followed by themed lunch tables which organize delegates with the speakers from the morning plenary talks in groups of 8-10. This serves as part Q+A, partnership building, and further discussion into the particular theme discussed in the morning sessions. The afternoon will take all 110 summit participants on a behind-the-scenes tour and workshop discussion with the leaders of the recently opened American Center for Mobility.

The Ann Arbor Mobility Summit is made possible by the generous support of these organizations.

Ford Smart Mobility

Who’s Coming?


50% local, 50% extra-local

  • Public Sector 30%
  • Private sector/entrepreneurs 45%
  • Non-profit/philanthropy 15%
  • Academia 7%
  • Media 3%


SVP level and higher

Background and Purpose

New mobility innovations will bring potentially profound disruptions to our cities and regions. Expanding the range of affordable mobility options for city-dwellers is a goal held dear by nearly every urban leader. However, we are facing a narrow window of time to anticipate and plan for big changes with the widest possible benefits. More than 52 cities around the world are already testing AV technology, including Ann Arbor. As commercially viable autonomous vehicles show up on our roads, and as other technologies transform the daily commute experience, will these help us to achieve equitable access to work, healthcare, schools and services? Industry-led discussions have largely been focused on the technological innovations. With a shift from tech-centric discussions to more service-focused discussions, two core elements of the Big Picture are being acknowledged: the city-dweller who takes a trip and the city itself. The Ann Arbor Mobility Summit will tackle some key questions: What are the short-term steps needed to ease congestion, parking pressures, modal shift, equitable access and cross-sector collaboration as we move towards an autonomous future? Short-term approaches must build towards long-term outcomes.

We are facing a fragmented ecosystem of players and stakeholders. The Ann Arbor Mobility Summit will put the spotlight on how to build an innovation mobility ecosystem and a regional strategy linking Ann Arbor and Detroit. The Ann Arbor-Detroit corridor poses both a major challenge and opportunity for the region. How do we create a Southeastern Michigan mobility cluster and build on the region’s transportation research and innovation strengths? How can key urban actors — city government, state government, OEMs, MaaS providers, tech-firms, investors, employers, philanthropy, non-profits — build a supportive mobility innovation ecosystem. What are global best practices from which we can draw upon? Rust-belt cities have similar pain points as it relates to increasing mobility access including: mass urban sprawl, dispersed and concentrated areas, extensive service needs, talent retention and attraction, and funding. However, many rust-belt cities are tackling this head on and finding creative solutions to ease urgent needs. Our first Mobility Summit convened in Boston in June 2017. Join us in Ann Arbor this June for our second Mobility Summit as we dig even deeper into these dimensions as it relates particularly to the Ann Arbor-Detroit region. Our mission on June 14 is to convene leaders working towards shared solutions across sectors and cities and draw key lessons learned from the larger Meeting of the Minds global leadership network which lend themselves to Southeast Michigan.

Afternoon Workshop Tour

The recently opened (December 2017) American Center for Mobility is a uniquely purpose-built facility focused on testing, verification and self-certification of connected and automated vehicles and other mobility technologies at the 335-acre historic Willow Run site in Ypsilanti Township in Southeast Michigan. The American Center for Mobility is a non-profit testing and product development facility for future mobility, designed to enable safe validation of connected and automated vehicle technology, and accelerate the development of voluntary standards. Find more information at

Venue and Lodging

The Ann Arbor Mobility Summit convenes at the Graduate Hotel.

The Graduate Hotel
615 E Huron S
Ann Arbor, MI 48104

The Graduate Hotel

The Graduate Hotel
615 E Huron S
Ann Arbor, MI 48104

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