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John Addison is the author of two books - Save Gas, Save the Planet that details the future of transportation and Revenue Rocket about technology partner strategy. CNET, Clean Fleet Report, and Meeting of the Minds have published over 300 of his articles. Prior to being a writer and speaker, he was in partner and sales management for technology companies such as Sun Microsystems. Follow John on Twitter @soaringcities.

Grid Storage and Renewables Threaten Utilities

Your pension plan and bond funds just took a hit when Barclays downgraded U.S. electric utility bonds. Renewables and energy storage are disrupting the market and those risks need to be in the bond prices according to Barclays. Wall Street may bet against utilities...

Her – Movie Star and the Future of Mobility

“Her,” nominated for the Best Picture Oscar, demonstrates the power of artificial intelligence. In the film, “Her” is an operating system enhanced with expert systems, similar to the way that Android is enhanced with applications such as Google Maps. “Her” is also a...
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