Meeting of the Minds brings together urban sustainability and technology leaders to share knowledge and build lasting alliances.

We foster person-to-person and city-to-city learning by spotlighting projects and practitioners working on urban solutions in these 8 focus areas:



Climate change, natural disaster



Business, jobs, finance



Innovation, connectivity, IoT



Urban policy, justice, services



Health, culture, education



Energy, water, food systems



Built environment, urban planning



Public transit, shared mobility

We connect people and ideas through digital and in-person events and resources, including:

Meeting of the Minds Annual Summit

Each fall, the Meeting of the Minds Annual Summit brings together 400 opinion-shapers, policy-makers, leading thinkers and innovator from around the world for two and a half days of intensive exchange in thought leadership and cross-sector alliance building. Gathered together, they have a unique opportunity to think critically, ask questions, share tools, identify new best practices, and build lasting partnerships — which make smarter and more sustainable cities possible.

The next Meeting of the Minds Annual Summit will be in Cleveland, OH from October 23-25. Find more information at this link.

Roundtables and Workshops

Meeting of the Minds organizes roundtable discussions and workshops throughout the year with the purpose of convening thought leaders from diverse sectors and geographies to identify and debate breakthrough innovations, build partnerships and continue a dynamic dialogue throughout the year. These events range in size from 40-400 attendees. Some are in partnership with other organizations.

See examples of past roundtables and workshops in our archives.


Started in San Francisco in 2013, the monthly Urban Sustainability Happy Hour Meetups are a casual place to meet with others working on the future of cities. There are no name tags, no presentations, and no formal introductions. Participants are encouranged to show up and and introduce themselves. Grab a drink and join a conversation.

For more information, and so RSVP to our next meetup, visit our group on

Print Magazine

The Annual is a once-a-year publication from Meeting of the Minds that features the best thought leadership pieces from the ­ blog. Printed copies are distributed at our annual event, and digital copies are available for download at ­


Meeting of the Minds produces monthly with key urban influencers who share their work, vision and strategies for sustainable and innovative cities. Thousands of people attend these webinars each year. Webinars are ranked by our email subscribers as our most popular format in a recent survey.

In each webinar, a short presentation is followed by an interactive Q&A session with the audience. For a list of past, and upcoming, webinars, visit our Webinars page.


The Meeting of the Minds Blog is a large library, full of urban practitioners’ projects, and their predictions about the future of cities. The website inhabits a unique space — not a company blog, and not a media outlet — that allows urban sustainability professionals to connect with others interested in the topic, and to tell their stories with their own words. Since its launch in 2012, over 300 people have written 700+ articles that share their visions for smart, resilient cities.

Our blog is the communal bulletin board to which change-makers and innovators pin their thoughts for the benefit of the rest of the community. Individuals interested in writing for the blog are encouraged to follow the writing guidelines and submit their pieces to the Meeting of the Minds staff for review.

Articles are published Monday through Thursday. New articles are sent to our email subscribers and promoted throughout the week on our social media channels.

Event Archives includes 10 years of organizational and event archives. Among the most important collections are past summits, webinars, videos and event photos.

For more information, visit our Archives.

Online Courses

Meeting of the Minds’ online courses, available through, are an introduction to various innovators and initiatives at the bleeding edge of urban sustainability and connected technology. The courses focus on real world examples within several key themes — smart cities, transportation, and equity — as a way to look at the challenges and practical responses related to urban sustainability.

For more information, visit our course pages:

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Our Team

Jessie Feller Hahn

Executive Director

Jessie F. Hahn is the Executive Director of Meeting of the Minds. Since 2010, she has built and managed the development of Meeting of the Minds into an international leadership platform for city-to-city learning. Jessie’s focus is identifying global urban sustainability, innovation, and technology best practices; developing platforms for city leaders to exchange best practices; spotlighting innovators; and building alliances and partnerships between the private sector, public sector, non-profit and philanthropic sectors.

Previously, Jessie launched and ran the Regional Energy Policy Program at Regional Plan Association in New York City. She has written numerous articles which have been featured in NPR, Urban Age Magazine, The Record, RPA’s Spotlight on the Region, The Hartford Courant, among others. Previous to RPA, Jessie worked as a cluster specialist at Economic Competitiveness Group, as a Sustainability Fellow at the Portland Development Commission, and started her career at SMWM (now Perkins + Will) in their urban design studio.

Jessie holds a BA from Vassar College in Urban Studies and Hispanic Studies (Phi Beta Kappa) and a Masters in Environment and Development Studies (honors) from the London School of Economics and Political Science.

Gordon Feller

Co-founder, Board co-president

Gordon Feller is the Co-Founder and Board Co-President of Meeting of the Minds, a global thought leadership network and knowledge-sharing platform focused on the future of sustainable cities, innovation and technology.

Gordon has worked in the area of emerging technology and innovation for three decades, most recently consulting on projects which harness the power of data (whether in the cloud, pulled via mobile networks from IoT-enabled end-points, or other advanced technologies) for solving complex urban problems.

Previously, Feller was the Director of Urban Innovation at Cisco Systems headquarters in Silicon Valley where he served in an executive capacity within the company’s programs focused on cities. He also served as a consultant to Cisco focused on Internet of Things and Talent. Prior to joining Cisco, Feller was the CEO of Urban Age Institute, an international non-profit research and training organization which began inside the World Bank and spun off in 2001. For 30 years, Gordon has advised on economic and technology issues with leaders of multinational companies, cities, NGOs, foundations, and national governments. His clients have included The World Bank, UN, German and Canadian national governments, The Rockefeller Foundation, IBM, Reuters, Metropolis, United Cities & Local Governments, among others. Gordon advises leaders on harnessing the power of advanced technologies which can enable them to solve complex problems with a special focus on practical solutions where economics, technology, and sustainability intersect. Gordon’s work has had broad and deep impacts. He’s published hundreds of articles including in CFO Magazine, Urban Land Magazine, TIME, Financial Times. He was appointed as an Abe Fellow by the Japan Foundation Center for Global Partnership. He was formerly the Editor of Urban Age Magazine. Columbia University awarded him a Bachelors and a Masters (cum laude). At Columbia he served as a Lehman Fellow, a Wallach Fellow and a Dean’s Fellow. He serves as a Fellow at the Urban Sustainability Lab within the Smithsonian Institution’s Wilson Center.

Dave Hahn

Director of Digital Strategy

Dave joined Meeting of the Minds in 2012.

Dave designs, implements, and deploys a digital strategy that amplifies the messaging and priorities of the Meeting of the Minds organization. He designed and built the website, and oversees the organization’s marketing campaigns. He created and maintains organizational branding, produces the monthly webinar series, serves as Editor-in-Chief of the Meeting of the Minds Blog, curates the digital archives, and manages social media outreach.

Dave received a BA in German from Indiana University and previously worked as a copywriter, graphic designer, web designer, and digital marketer.

Caroline Firman

Program Manager

Caroline joined Meeting of the Minds as Executive Assistant in January 2014 and transitioned to Program Manager in November 2014. As Program Manager, Caroline is responsible for managing operations for the annual conference, assisting with fundraising and social media, and general administrative responsibilities.

Previously, Caroline worked for six years in a variety of roles at the Association of California Symphony Orchestras (ACSO). During her time at ACSO, Caroline helped to plan and implement five Annual Conferences, played a significant role in expanding ACSO’s social media presence as well as an integral part in the redesign of ACSO’s website in 2012.

Caroline holds her BA in Music from UC Davis and a Master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction with an emphasis in Arts Education from California State University Sacramento.

Hannah Greinetz

Managing Editor, Meeting of the Minds Blog

Hannah joined Meeting of the Minds as a freelance writer in 2014, and became the Managing Editor of the Meeting of the Minds Blog in 2017. She works on outreach, editing, and publishing for the Meeting of the Minds digital platform.

When not editing blog posts, Hannah works as a consultant to businesses, non-profits and city governments. She manages projects that approach urban sustainability through regulatory change, funding and financing efficiency upgrades, startup strategy, and the implementation of smart city technologies. Hannah started her career in the scrap metal recycling industry and has spent time managing grants and business affairs for a variety of non-profits, from mental health services to affordable housing solutions.

Hannah holds a BA in Anthropology from UC Santa Cruz and an MBA in Sustainable Management from Presidio Graduate School.

Christina Olsen

Program Director Christina Olsen joined Meeting of the Minds as a consultant in 2015 and then as Program Director in September 2017. For the past 15 years, Christina has provided research, advisory services, project management, planning, and general management to a wide range of sustainability organizations and projects around the world. She uses this background to leverage system change for cities by helping develop and share leading edge thought, research, and practice on urban sustainability with the Meeting of the Minds network. Christina also develops and implements smart city and sustainability strategies and goals and helps create multi-stakeholder solar projects with communities through the EcoSmart Foundation in Vancouver. She previously worked with Nutter Consulting, the San Francisco Planning Department and the Wilson Center Urban Sustainability Lab. Christina holds a master’s degree in Sustainability and Environmental Management from Harvard and a BA in Environmental Studies – with a joint major in Anthropology – from the University of Victoria.

Meeting of the Minds is made possible by the generous support of these organizations.

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